US Orienteering Team

US Orienteering Team Trials for WOC 2008


Lehigh University & Hickory Run State Park, in Eastern Pennsylvania, hosted by DVOA


May 24-26, 2008.


Team Trials courses (Red & Blue), as part of a full USOF A-event hosted by DVOA - thanks!

The team to represent the US at WOC 2008, to be held in the Czech Republic, July 10-20, will be selected based on these Team Trials races, and in lesser part based on the USOF rankings preceding the Trials. See, the detailed rules if desired.

Note that the US Team page should not be used for info (at least as of 5/1/08) because it was last updated in 2005...

Registration Cutoff:

Was Wednesday, May 21st at 11:59pm. This was to allow the randon start draw to take place on the morning of May 22nd, after which time start times for the Trials and WRE will be posted, and not changable.

If you register for M/F21 after this time, you may still be eligible for the A-event (and USOF ranking points) but you will not be eligible for the Team Trials.


The United States Team for the 2008 World Orienteering Championships:

L to R, top: Joe Brautigam (alt), Ross Smith, Clem McGrath, Eddie Bergeron, Wyatt Riley, Eric Bone, Samantha Saeger, Hillary Saeger, Pavlina Brautigam, Viktoria Brautigam; bottom: Leif Anderson (alt), Angelica Riley (alt), Cristina Luis (alt); not pictured: Sandra Zurcher

Pre-Team-Trials Rankings:
Are the May 7th rankings from USOF rankings site (a scaled version of this is one of the 4 scores)

Start Info:

Random, each day, with Trialers segregated and starting earlier. Please note that if you miss your start time you will have the option of (a) starting as soon as you arrive at the start, with your official time starting at your originally scheduled start time (e.g. if you're 30 seconds late, you might want to do this), or (b) you may ask for a later start for A-meet purposes ONLY - your result will not be eligible for Team Trials or WRE if you reschedule your start time.

Scoring List Potential Exceptions:

The review panel that will consider exceptions will consist of:

The following people are eligible as a potential exception to the Team Trials scoring list due to

(See the Rules for details.)


(B) Additional known possible exception requestors who are believed to be eligible to use the out-of-the-country rule: If you would like to petition for an exception, please send your petition to Peter Gagarin, ESC Chair. ESC Member List

Please send requests for an exception to Peter Gagarin at: pg@crocker. com

Information used to generate the list of exceptions above.

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