US Orienteering Team Trials for WOC 2005


In Ohio, at the Flying Pig.


April 1-3, 2005 (Friday-Sunday), starting 2pm, 10am, and 9am respectively.


The Team Trials races will be the Red & Blue courses from the Flying Pig A-event. The team to represent the US at WOC 2005 will be selected based on these Team Trials races, and in part on the USOF rankings preceding the Trials. For detailed rules, click here.

Also, see the US Team page.


Available now (mostly...)

Official Alternates:

Note also that the Scoring List (see below) is used in order to select additional alternates, if needed, to fill open slots at WOC 2005.

Scoring list - updated on Saturday, 4/4, 4pm EST Appears to be final...

Pre-Team-Trials Rankings (a scaled version of this is one of the 4 scores)

Start Info:

Tentative Friday Starts for the 2005 Team Trials are now available.

Starts are planned to begin at 2 PM on Friday, 10 AM on Saturday, and 9 AM on Sunday.

Day 1 Starts (all on one Sprint course, A-event)
Day 2 Starts (US Short Champs)
This is the US Short Champs, so USOF rules 13.1 & 13.2 are in full effect. Starts are to be designed by the US Short Champs event staff (not the US Team) and the plan is for it to be a random draw, with some separation of top-ranked competitors. There will be no segregation of US-WOC or US-Champs eligibles from others on the start list.
Day 3 Starts (Long, A)

Scoring List Potential Exceptions:

The following people are eligible as a potential exception to the Team Trials scoring list due to outstanding performance in the Rankings and the previous US Champs. (See the Rules for details.) Note that this is tentative, as the the rankings may change before the Team Trials.

The review panel that will consider exceptions will consist of Don Davis, Peggy Dickison, Vladimir Gusiatnikov, Joe Scarborough and Peter Gagarin.

If you would like to petition for an exception, please send your petition to Peter Gagarin, ESC Chair. ESC Member List

Top 5 US-WOC-eligible M21s in 2004 USOF Rankings: Brian May, John F., Mikell P., Eric B., Eddie B.

Top 5 US-WOC-eligible M21s in 2004 US Champs: Eric B., Mikell P., Ken W. Jr., Boris G., Mihai V.

Top 5 US-WOC-eligible F21s in 2004 USOF Rankings: Erin O., Sandra Z., Pavlina B., Kristin H., Karen W.

Top 5 US-WOC-eligible F21s in 2004 US Champs: Peggy D., Penny D., Josie N., ? (n/a)


Many thanks to OCIN for hosting the Team Trials in 2005!

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