US Orienteering Team Trials for WOC 2004


In Wyoming, at the RMOC 1000-day.


August 3-4, 2004 (Tuesday & Wednesday), starting 9 AM each day


The Team Trials races will be the Red & Blue courses from the 1000-day A-event. The team to represent the US at WOC 2004 will be selected based on these Team Trials races, and in part on the USOF rankings preceding the Trials. For detailed rules, click here.

Also, see the US Team page.


Scoring lists now posted (8/9/2004) (link broken)
Whole 1000-day A-event race results are available offsite

Remaining Alternates:

Start Info:

Starts for the Team Trials are currently planned to begin at 9 AM each day. Click HERE for start times.

On Red & Blue, Team Trialers will start first, with faster competitors starting later (see rules for details.) Other 1000-day courses (e.g. Green, Brown, Orange, Yellow & White) will have first starts at 9:30 AM. So there will be other competitors out there, and, as the Team Trials event is part of the 1000-day, there will be common controls.


Many thanks to RMOC for hosting the Team Trials in 2004!

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