ESC History

(From a 1/3/2002 email by Peggy Dickison.)

The ESC was created in the fall of 1992 at the annual Team meeting at the North American Champs in Quanticoland. It was then-coach Bob Turbyfill's idea; he and others at the meeting nominated several people to be on the ESC and we were voted in. I'm not sure of all the members, but it definitely included me (Peggy Dickison), Peter Gagarin, Jon Nash, and Paul Bennett. Pete Bundschuh was an early team finance person; Kristin Hall (then Federer) was elected the second or third year; other early members include Judy Dickinson and, I think, Linda Kohn. Bruce Wolfe may have been a member from the start; if not, he was elected fairly early and so has really done a great job serving the team. Originally we were supposed to serve no longer than 2 years but that quickly went by the wayside as it was tough to get people to participate.

Our first order of business was to write a mission statement (it must still be out there somewhere; it might be a really good idea to dust it off/update it), and then to write a budget. I think, overall, we've been very successful in our job though there have been some weird moments.

Last updated 1/5/2002